The Green Generators

The Green Generators

What does The Green Generators?
The Green Generators delivers you power! The Green Generators will be at your service for 24 hours and 7 days a week. The Green Generators can be used in any desired location.


How much power delivers The Green Generators?
This is completely configurable. There are different models from 5kVA to 200kVA. There is also a possibility to choose between a first phase generator or a 3-phase generator. In short, for every situation there is a suitable model.

How much power delivers the hybrid power package?
The hybrid power package in The Green Generators is also completely configurable. Different models are possible. The hybrid power package starts with a power from 5kVA and is expandable to various abilities.

Which hybrid power pack is available?
The Green Generators is available with different hybrid power packages. At the moment there we deliver agm, gel and lithium hybrid power packages.

How does The Green Generators?
The Green generators is the off grid power solution for the future. The hybrid power package gives the energy and the regular fuel generator will only run when the voltage in the hybrid power package becomes under a certain minimum. This process is completely automatically. No human hands are needed for this process. The combination of the generator and the hybrid power package is perfectly matched so that maximum efficiency is achieved.

What are the benefits of The Green Generators?
The benefits of The Green Generators relative to a conventional generator are legion. Some benefits are a lower fuel consumption (proven up to 95%), considerable reduction of greenhouse gas (CO2 ), low noise level, easy to transport, tamper proof due to robust and clever housing, plug and play etc etc.

Easy to use?
With one press on the button, the system is up and running. The Green Generators can be installed by a non technical person.

Is The Green Generators something for you?
YES! For each situation The Green Generators can be used, and there are several savings possible.

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