About RPS Systems

RPS Systems is part of Maru Systems International. RPS Systems is an innovatie company, located in the Amsterdam area in the Netherlands, specialised in off-grid systems and energy technology. It’s experience of a number of years in various fields has resulted in a broad knowledge with regard to energy savings. This knowledge has lead to innovative products such as a patented energy saving daylight programme system and a hybrid generator that saves up to 40% fuel.

Because of the development of this system, back in 2012 Maru Systems has been declared the most innovative entrepreneur in the district Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.

Built on the experience gained supplying power solutions for the marine and automotive industry, RPS Systems strives to deliver, efficient, low carbon, grid quality power solutions for people in places where connecting to the National Grid is not possible, too expensive or too complicated. We have applied our expertise to develop smart technology that delivers affordable, high performance solutions. Our systems can combine conventional power generation with renewable resources like solar PV and wind power where the result is a unique and innovative tailored solution for independent energy needs.

If you are looking to build your own home and want an alternative to hooking up to the National Grid, or your existing home has been reliant upon expensive generator power for many years and you’re looking to lower your ongoing energy costs, we can help, no matter how remote your location.

Our sales team in Accra

Our sales team in Accra with Martijn Clausen head of sales

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