Maru Elx daylight controlled system

The patented Maru ELx system can help you save up to 50% on lighting energy costs by switching off lights that are not needed. The Maru ELx system automatically controls lighting levels and was developed especially for use in industrial buildings lit by fluorescent or LED units. The Maru ELx system continuously monitors work area lighting levels and uses a pre-programmed daylight sensor to gradually swithch off lighting units if sufficient daylight is detected. The result is an optimised balance between artificial light and daylight.

The switch boxes are incorporated in the existing connections to th lighting units and distribution boxes, so the lighting units can remain untouched. With the system installed, nothing changes in the way you switch on your lighting. The system is automatically activated when the lights are switched on. You can turn the system off with the override switch on the control unit.

The system is very easy to disassemble. Consequently the system is also easy to remove when for instance a lease or rental agreement has expired. Since this system doesn’t require any major investments and due to the limited time it takes to install, the Maru ELx system recovers itself within four years.

Maru Systems Elx_measurements example A


Maru Systems ELx Industry_Eng01_V1.2                          Maru Systems ELx Industry_Eng02_V1.2